Iron Ore Company of Canada

Iron Ore Company of Canada was founded in 1949 from a partnership of Canadian and American M.A. Hanna Company. It is now owned by a new consortium, including the Mitsubishi and Rio Tinto corporations.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, IOC currently has mining and concentrator operations in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador, and operates the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway to ship ore concentrate from the mines to the port of Sept-Îles, Quebec.

During 1977 to 1983, the president of the company was Brian Mulroney, who later served as Canadian Prime Minister from 1984 to 1993.

The industry and market of Iron Ore is an investment in the long run no doubt. Because Iron Ore is a key commodity in steel making, anything that has to do with steel, such as the cars we drive and other ways of transportation, would not be possible without it. Read More

nickel in australia

In the June quarter 2011, Australia’s mined nickel production (in nickel content terms) increased quarter–on–quarter, by 16 per cent to 54000 tonnes. Total nickel export volumes in the June quarter increased by 6 per cent, compared to March, to 54000 tonnes. The value of Australia’s nickel exports in the June quarter declined by 11 per cent, relative to the March quarter, to $966 million, reflecting lower world nickel prices.
Australian nickel mine production increased by 21 per cent in 2010–11, relative to 2009–10, to total 193000 tonnes. This reflected higher production from BHP Billiton’s Nickel West operation in Western Australia. Refined nickel production decreased by 16 per cent in 2010–11, relative to 2009–10, to total 101000 tonnes, due to lower production from BHP Billiton’s Kwinana refinery as a result of a shortage of necessary inputs to production. Read More